About MMOA

Established in 1980, MMOA is a Taiwanese manufacturer of badminton equipment ranging from racquets, sportswear, shuttlecocks, shoes, and other badminton accessories.

Quality is the pride of MMOA. We always strive to provide excellence in terms of material and workmanship. Today, MMOA brand has been warmly embraced by badminton players all around the world. MMOA will continue its pursuit of developing high performance equipment to bring joy to the game of badminton.

“Bringing Joy to Your Game”

MMOA History

Almost 40 years ago in Taipei, four badminton enthusiasts that consisted of two Japanese, a Taiwanese and a Korean national shared a dream of creating their own badminton brand 🇹🇼. The brand MMOA was created by combining the initials of its 4 founders and their journey began. For the past 30 years, MMOA brand has become one of the most prominent badminton manufactures in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The brand continues to strive for excellence and is embraced by badminton players around the world. Now, the brand has arrived in Malaysia, to bring more joy to your game 


MMOA Racquets

Our badminton racquets are crafted with precision, making it more stable and accurate.

MMOA Shuttles

We have a range of goose and duck-feathered badminton shuttles catering to beginners, advanced and professional players.

MMOA Apparels and Gears

All the latest designs and innovations to provide the most comfortable badminton wear.


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